Cupcake Anyone…?

Brigitte and I spent the past two weekends passing out our all-natural baked goodies at Marqt grocery stores in Den Haag, Haarlem, and Amsterdam.  We’re exhausted, but we had a blast!  It was so much fun to meet our customers in person and watch their faces light up as they took a bite of one of our cupcakes, cookies, brownies and blondies.  Sometimes it felt as if we couldn’t refill our trays fast enough!

What I especially enjoyed was talking to everyone.  I got so many great ideas and had fun trading baking tips!  Did you know that you can also make mini cupcakes with our cupcake mix?  Just make the batter as directed and bake 7-10 minutes.  One mix will make you 36 of these little beauties!  One young woman told me she likes to put fresh blueberries in our chocolate cupcake batter.  Never thought of that (Americans generally only put fruit in muffins) but it sounds delicious and I’m definitely going to try it!

Another lady told me she made our chocolate whoopies and filled them with our lemon frosting.  I was a bit skeptical, but she said it was really good – so I’m going to try that too!  A woman, whose daughter was vegan, asked if she could bake our cupcakes using some fake egg product (the name of which eludes me).  I shall not rest until I find the stuff and test it!  I started several young men on a, hopefully long and happy, baking career.  Hey, if my son could bake our brownies without help when he was 9, it should be a piece of cake for a 20-year-old!  I also rescued a harried mother from two very small, and very loud, crying children – not another peep was heard out of them…  Who says you can’t solve the world’s problems with cookies?!

It was also fun to see who liked what.  Our lemon cupcakes were extremely popular with the ladies.  The older generation gravitated towards blondies and mocha cupcakes.  Young men went straight for the brownies.  Our youngest customers came back for seconds and thirds when it came to our chocolate chip cookies – they shall remain nameless since I promised not to tell their mommies!  And of course chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were popular across the board.

I’d like to take a few lines to thank my wonderful assistant Eszter.  She has been my right arm (quite literally) these past few months, and I’m not sure what we would have done without her.  She has now set off on a tiny sailboat to travel the world with her one true love – so romantic…  Eszter, we wish you all the best and please COME BACK SOON!  No worries though, the torch has been passed to Dimphy, who put on the apron and carried on like she’d been doing this her whole life!  Thanks Dimphy!

All in all, we had tons of fun.  We LOVE Marqt and I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are that our baking mixes are on their shelves!  Brigitte and I both went home with huge bags full of groceries (all four times…) and our freezers are now stocked with the most delicious fresh pastas, sauces, meats and breads you could ever wish to find.  And, by the way, check out the Kaas Vlinders in their bakery section – they didn’t last five minutes on the car ride home!  So unbelievably YUMMY!

We look forward to meeting you all again soon!

Let them eat cake!



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