Baking Makes You Happy!

Lot’s of exciting stuff going on around here these days.  We’ve been on our feet and on the phone for the past few weeks, prepping an order for over 1000 mixes.  There are so many things we’d never thought about a year ago, like bar codes, box sizes, pallets, and forklifts!  But I’m proud to say that, with a little help from our friends, we’ve got it all figured out and taken care of.

This afternoon, as I was making what felt like the millionth Chocolate Cupcake Mix, I turned to Brigitte and said, “Who’s idea was this anyway?!  ‘It’ll be fun.  It’ll be easy,'” I said, mimicking myself.  “Oh no,” Brigitte said, “We never said it would be easy!”  We both laughed.  Still, we were having a good time rocking out in the kitchen and, as I finally sealed the last bag of Chocolate Frosting Mix, I wondered if blasting The Rolling Stones would somehow make the frosting taste even better!  Anyway, I still don’t dare tell you where all of these mixes are going to end up – don’t want to jinx it – but you’ll find out soon enough!

I received some photos from a satisfied customer late last night and they put a smile on my face.  This is exactly why we’re doing this: They’re fun and easy to make,

even for kids!

Baking makes you happy!

And, of course, cupcakes taste good!  🙂

“Let them eat cake!”

Look forward to meeting soon in a store near you!



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