Berry Berry Good!

Hello my darlings!  Sorry to have neglected you last week, but I was off to La-La Land for some sun and fun.  Even though writing was not at the top of my list of priorities, I couldn’t resist showing off our Antoinette mixes to a group of Hollywood celebs we’d invited round for dinner.

After eating spicy jambalaya, I figured we’d need something refreshing for dessert, so I decided to make one of our Lemon Two-Layer Cakes.  I wanted to dress it up, so I came up with the idea of adding strawberries to the filling and as decoration.  The result was so pretty and delicious, I just had to share it with you.  It’s quite easy to make.  All you need is our Lemon Two-Layer Cake Mix, one Lemon Frosting Mix, and a pint of strawberries.

Bake the lemon cake and make the frosting according to package directions.  Chop about a third of the strawberries for the filling, leaving the prettiest ones to slice for decoration.

To assemble, spread a bit of the frosting onto one of the cake layers, and then spread the chopped strawberries over that.

Place the second cake layer on top of this.

Frost the rest of the cake and then decorate the top and sides with the strawberry slices.

Looks like it came from a bakery and tastes even better!


“Let them eat cake!”



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