PHOTO CONTEST: Show us your cakes!

Brigitte and I have been insanely busy here at Antoinette for the past couple of weeks and we’re thrilled.  We’re gearing up for the Christmas basket season and looking forward to displaying our mixes in seven new stores very soon!  We promise to announce the details ASAP.  You know, it’s almost as exciting as watching your babies take their first steps – next thing you know they’re running, riding bicycles, and going off to college!  Is there an Antoinette factory and worldwide distribution in our future…?  We hope so!

We’ve been selling an awful lot of mixes lately, and a customer sent us this gorgeous picture of the lemon cheesecake she made with lemon curd and candied lemon peel topping.  We were so impressed – it was a work of art!

We really enjoy receiving your pictures so please don’t be shy.  They can be homey, like this Two-Layer Lemon Cake:

Elegant, like this New York Cheesecake with fruit topping:

Outrageous, like these cupcakes:

Or just plain adorable!

We love them all, so e-mail your pics (made from Antoinette mixes, of course) to for a chance to win a free mix!  Starting in December, we’ll announce the lucky winner and post our favorite picture each month.  So get your cameras out and start baking!

The winner of our Chewy-licious contest is Maria Schmitz, for coming up with a truly awesome name for my chewy-licious creation:  Bodacious Bites.  I LOVE IT!  We’ll be sending you a bag of Antoinette Chocolate Cupcake and Chocolate Frosting Mix.  Enjoy!

And now I’m off to make more mixes.  Happy baking!



“Let them eat cake!”

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