No Milk Today!

We received a couple of e-mails last week from mothers with children who are allergic to cow milk.  They had looked at our website and read that our mixes don’t contain milk, but thought they’d better double-check.  While it is true that there is no powdered milk in our mixes, you do need milk, butter and eggs to prepare them.  We really wanted to make the impending birthday girls happy, so we made a quick run to our favorite health food store.

We entered our test kitchen armed with rice milk, soymilk, soy topping and dairy-free margarine, and started baking cupcakes.  Everything turned out great and, wouldn’t you know, our kids actually liked the dairy-free cupcakes better than the regular ones!

Now what to do about the frosting mix?  Cream cheese is made from milk, so that was out of the question.  We tried mixing it with rice milk and also with soymilk to make a glaze.  They both worked, though we preferred the one made with rice milk.  In hindsight, I suppose a little warm water would work as well.  Then we tried whipping it into SOYATOO topping (soy “whipped cream”).  While you could never call this frosting, it is light and fluffy and looks nice on a cake.  We’re not used to the stuff, so we found the soy taste a little overpowering, but if you don’t mind that, it’s definitely an option.

Brownies and blondies don’t need milk to prepare and you can definitely use margarine instead of butter.  You can also use margarine to make our cookies, but you might want to soften it to room temperature instead of melting it, as called for in the recipe, or your cookies will spread out quite thin.  On the other hand, you might like them that way – very crispy!

We’re so glad people took the trouble to ask – now we’re all inspired to create vegan, sugar free, and gluten free mixes as well so we can make even more kids happy!  After all, why should people with food allergies be goody-deprived?

We’d like to wish a happy birthday to our two newest young customers.

Let them eat cake!

Pavanne and Brigitte

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