Back To The Kitchen

With our mixes all made and ready to go, Brigitte and I have been focusing more on marketing and getting our website up and running. After having spent a solid year testing and re-testing recipes to get them absolutely perfect, I was pretty sure I could live without my mixing bowl, measuring cups, and electric mixer for quite some time! Funnily enough though, I’ve actually been missing baking, so today I ventured into my kitchen determined to invent something wonderful. I promised to bake something for a friend’s birthday tomorrow, I had a bag full of clementines, and I wasn’t afraid to use them! Tired of making our acclaimed Lemon Cheesecake, I decided to try my recipe using clementines instead.

Have you ever had one of those days when the kitchen goddess seems to have abandoned you? Everything started out great. My favorite CD was playing, ingredients were all laid out, food processor was whizzing up cookie crumbs. I put my concoction into the oven and set the timer. My oven has been acting up lately, so I checked the cheesecake a little early just to be on the safe side. After 30 minutes, it wasn’t ready. After 40 minutes, still not ready. After 45, 50, one hour, I was starting to get suspicious… Then I noticed it – a little flashing sign, over a button I swear I didn’t push, indicated that the oven had turned itself off and was awaiting further instructions.

After a few choice expletives, I got the thing working again and crossed my fingers. It seemed to be done after 15 minutes, so I took it out to cool. I then made my secret never-fail curd recipe. It wouldn’t thicken. I made it again – it was even soupier than may first attempt! What?!!! I decided to pour the first batch over my cheesecake and I’m hoping it will set in the refrigerator. I guess even a baking queen such as myself can have an off day. It has been my experience that most cooking disasters can be saved, so never give up hope!

A young fan sent us this video today and it’s awfully cute. Give it a look while I go back into the kitchen to make one of our New York Cheesecakes – just in case. Definitely going to use one of our mixes this time…


Translation for the Dutch-impaired:

What did you make?
And are they yummy?
Did they turn out good?
Which one do you think is the prettiest?
Umm… this one has a bunch, and this one has a bunch, and this one has a bunch, and this one has a bunch-
-and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one-
Sprinkles are yummy huh?
Have you already eaten one?
I haven’t finished it yet.
Say thank you to Brigitte
Thank you Brigitte

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