Love and Cookies

Is there anything more delicious than a fresh homemade cookie?  As a child, I used to love coming home to my mother’s freshly baked treats.  Not only did they taste great, it made me feel loved because she’d done something so special for me.  I’ve carried on this tradition with my own children.  One day, my eldest son and his two friends were trying to decide whose house to play at, when suddenly one of them said, “Pavanne, will you bake chocolate chip cookies if we come to your house?”  You could hear them cheering a block away when I said I would!

With our hectic modern-day schedules, baking seems to have become a lost art.  Here at Antoinette, Brigitte and I both love to cook because it’s such an enjoyable way of sharing our love with others.  A lot of people buy mixes because they’re quick and easy, but these supermarket brands don’t come even close to tasting homemade.   We decided this had to change!  That’s why we use the best, purest ingredients we can find to make our mixes and ask you to add your own fresh milk, butter, and eggs.  Trust us, everyone will think you spent hours in the kitchen!

Sure we’re all busy – we’ve got kids and careers just like you – but family and friends are important.  You are important.   Slow down once in a while. Treat yourself to a fresh batch of brownies, make some cookies and have a cup of coffee with your best friend, bake a cake for your sweetheart, whip up some cupcakes for your child’s birthday.  Better yet, spend some quality time with those you love and bake something together. Try it.  We’re convinced you’ll taste the difference!



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